Supercharging Your Old Toyota 4Runner Is The Cheapest Way To Get New-Car Power

And the 50-state-legal ProCharger install is simple enough to do in the middle of the desert.

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A photo of a 2024 4runner parked on a rock in the desert
Photo: Toyota

The new sixth-generation Toyota 4Runner was recently unveiled, marking the end of the fifth-gen’s 14-year production run. The new model comes with optional hybrid power, but since all new cars are too damn expensive, what can you do to your fifth-gen 4Runner to keep up with the rich kids in their new trucks? In a new video Rory Connell and the team at Off Road XTreme show how easy it is to install a ProCharger setup on Connell’s 2017 Toyota 4Runner. He installed the supercharger and intercooler in the middle of the desert with just a few simple tools, and it’s a 50-state-legal system so Californians can join the fun, too.

Starting with the bad news, the kit used in this video is listed on the ProCharger website at a price of $7,399. That’s a lot of money for some parts, but bolting a supercharger onto one of the most reliable vehicles on the road is a more affordable way to breathe new life into your current daily driver versus shelling out the money for a new 4Runner. ProCharger claims its 4Runner kit runs between 7 and 8 psi of boost, and offers fifth-gen 4Runners a 40-to-45-percent horsepower boost over stock. If that’s accurate, the system bumps power output from the stock 270 horsepower up to nearly 400 hp, all while remaining legal in every state.

Transform Your 5th Gen 4Runner! ProCharger Supercharger Kit Install

Connell has already added bigger tires and some heavy off-road equipment to his 4Runner, which clocked a 12.43-second 0-to-60 time before adding the ProCharger. After adding the supercharger, he recorded a 10.6-second 0-60 time in his 104,000-mile 2017 4Runner. While the new power doesn’t turn the 4Runner into a Cayenne beater, it brings the kitted out off-roader back into the realm of reasonable speed.


Connell’s skill and the magic of video editing make the install look exceedingly simple. Shadetree mechanics may encounter more challenges than Connell, but the installation still seems relatively straightforward. As new car prices continue to reach into the cosmos and you’re looking to reinvigorate your current daily rather than spend your life savings on a new car, then you should look into getting a bolt-on supercharger kit. ProCharger also offers bolt-on kits for 2005-2023 Toyota Tacomas, JK and JL Jeep Wranglers, JT Gladiators, Grand Cherokees, and many more American vehicles.