Nantucket Is Already Sick Of Its New Tesla Cybertruck Owner

Now you understand how the rest of us feel, Nantucket.

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Tesla Cybertruck
A Tesla Cybertruck Odyssey is displayed as the tour starts at Mall of Berlin on May 2, 2024 in Berlin, Germany.
Photo: Tristar Media / Contributor (Getty Images)

Riding aboard the Steamship Authority ferry, a Tesla Cybertruck finally made its way to Nantucket last Thursday, and once it was off the boat, its owner wasted no time becoming enough of a nuisance that he earned his own local news article. Later the same day, the Nantucket Current published an article with the headline, “Cyber Stuck: First Tesla Cybertruck On Nantucket Has A Rough Day.” And, you know, we definitely get the frustration.

One of the first things the Cybertruck’s owner reportedly did was park blocking a crosswalk in front of a realtor’s office, which definitely wasn’t very neighborly of them. Then again, it’s not like anyone expects Cybertruck owners to be good neighbors. Parking crooked in a crosswalk, giving terrible podcast recommendations and defending Drake, sure, but demonstrating civic pride and social responsibility? Nah.


After so graciously unblocking the crosswalk, the Cybertruck’s owner was later spotted at the beach. Driving on the beach is one of the appeals of staying on Nantucket, but there’s also a reason that I Pull Out Beach Towing is still in business, and it’s not because of all the breakdowns on local roads. Which is a good thing for our infamous Cybertruck owner because, what do you know, he managed to get his truck stuck in the sand.


Are we all that surprised that the first Cybertruck owner on Nantucket used the pullout method? Not exactly. This is far from the first time that a Cybertruck has gotten stuck in the sand. Hopefully, he remembered to handwash it immediately after he was rescued but not in direct sunlight and definitely not at a car wash. After all, it would be such a shame if his Cybertruck broke. Just a real shame.


As far as the owner’s future plans for the truck go, it’s not entirely clear, but you can rest assured that whatever they are, the Current is going to be all over them like white on rice. For some reason, the folks over there really do not seem to like this guy.